I specialize in marketing your investment property so that it sells for the highest possible value in the current market. Because many banks and buyers rely on realtors to justify pro forma values, I provide specialized spreadsheets, comparable market analyses, along extrapolated square footage analyses for marketing your property. That way potential buyers and their appraisers understand where the value is for your asset, making the lender’s job much simpler. My market knowledge and extensive experience further helps sellers understand what to expect from potential buyers, how to formulate a price expectation, and I’ll always do my best to proactively address your concerns.

I will help you gather the information it takes to build and package information for potential buyers, successfully negotiate your contract for sale, and act as your concierge during the transaction. Services include helping your bid out repairs, gathering due diligence materials for your transaction, and sensitively communicating with your tenants making your concerns my first priority.

Ready to sell? I’ll be with you every step of the way, providing the highest level of service and giving you a stress-free and enjoyably smooth transaction.

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Interested in performing a 1031 IRC tax exchange? How much property will you be able to exchange into? Click below to find out now.

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