“As a first time investor, I was very apprehensive as to how the process of acquiring a real estate property would go, but working with Christina made everything seamless and easy. What I value most about Christina is three fold.

Firstly, I appreciated that Christina was always there throughout every step of the entire process. From viewing open houses to finally signing closing documents, she was always there in person to assist me and answer any of my questions.

Secondly, I liked that Christina handled all correspondence with the seller for me. Especially when coming to a Purchase and Sale Agreement, she was firm to negotiate all of my requests.

Finally, Christina works in an incredibly expedient manner, which was pivotal in acquiring a property in Hawaii’s fast-paced market. She would allow me to walk through properties within just hours of me expressing interest in them and she also took care of all of my requests and concerns the very moment they came up. I highly recommend Christina for anyone looking to invest in Hawaii real estate.”

Chris Chock represented as buyer for replacement property.

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