“It is our immense pleasure to recommend Christina Low Dwight, a real estate agent specializing in commercial properties. Despite the covid-19 virus pandemic, Christina made it possible to sell. She had an initial meeting with us, diligently taking notes regarding specific needs to sell our 15-unit apartment building. Her recommended minor changes worked like a charm. Coupled with excellent use of search engines and real estate databases the property got sold in no time. In our humble opinion, Christina mastered the art of contract negotiations which is why it’s a win-win, to both the buyers and us, the sellers, considering the challenges in the current market. My sisters and I found Christina to be highly attentive, professional, and personable. All our concerns were addressed. She even returned phone calls and emails within the day; which is why we felt so valued and important. Hence, my sisters and I, are pleased to recommend Christina Low Dwight. She is the cut above the rest in the commercial real estate industry!”

-A. Aono (Seller)

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