“When Christina first approached me to consider selling my building, I was reluctant because I didn’t know her and I wasn’t excited about the estimated value of my property at that time. Christina understood my position and concerns, but kept in touch without pressuring me. She kept me informed about the improving market and potential replacement properties. After a couple years, I saw the value of my property increase to a level that got me more interested in taking advantage of the market. Since our first meeting, I’ve also had time to learn more about Christina’s substantial expertise and capabilities, and eventually felt comfortable and confident enough to have her represent me. Subsequently, we listed my property at a price point that I was very happy with, just to test the market. To my surprise, I started receiving interest and felt very encouraged and excited about moving forward. In a relatively short period of time, I received a very attractive offer and proceeded with the sale. Christina was very professional and responsive during the entire process of marketing and selling my building. She has very specialized knowledge about this multi family market and provided sound expertise and advice. She was always sensitive to my goals and specific needs, and helped me reach them.”

-Rodney Leong, Seller

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