Month: February 2013

Thinking of Exchanging?

The tax rates haven’t been raised…YET but here’s a handy calculator to figure out your net proceeds from a sale with the intent to exchange

Reverse Exchanges and more.

First American Exchange is a really great company to use, with excellent resources and lots of great tips, so check out the link below. Did you know that your escrow company and your exchange company ARE NOT the same? You can use a number of exchange companies even if your escrow is at another company–it’s…
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The Old Rules – Real State Investments

I have a friend who is extremely fearful of purchasing a home, even though he’s gainfully well-employed. He keeps hearing from his friends and family about how they are underwater on their mortgages, how they can’t make ends meet, and how it’s all because of the bad loan they got to purchase their home. What…
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