Month: December 2020

Pricing It Right

I was having breakfast with a colleague this morning, and I explained that a seller I was working with had been told that his asset was worth $1-$2 million dollars more than I had calculated. Now, when I’m valuing a property I look at the income, I look at the comps, and I look at…
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Win-Win: A 2015 Market Forecast

It seems like the rush to apartment building investment may be slowing down–lenders are reporting that while lots of things are going into escrow, almost just as many are falling out. Have the returns (cap rates) compressed (lowered) so much that asking prices are just not reflecting the values lenders (and thus buyers) need to…
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Bill 7 News: New amendments to Bill 7 will allow developers more flexibility

Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed off this year on Bill 60, an amendment to the original legislation that relaxes those requirements to require units remain affordable for 15 years, and that at least 80% of the units are rented to tenants making 100% or below AMI. Read More