Thinking of selling your apartment building? Property managers deal with tenant leases. Residential agents sell houses and they aren’t familiar with the Purchase and Sale Contract (PSA) because all their transactions require the Purchase Contract PC). Commercial brokers are focused on office, industrial, AND retail properties and rarely (if ever) work on apartment transactions. But Multi-Family is a special type of asset requiring a special type of expertise.

Commercial Investment Strategies is the ONLY Hawaii real estate broker exclusively dedicated to apartment building sales. I am committed to achieving your desired results through my peerless professionalism, creativity, and expertise. My focus is also on building life-long relationships by maintaining the highest levels of customer service and attention to detail. I’ll provide you a roadmap to a stress-free transaction, resulting in the highest sales price for your asset.

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1031 Capital Gain Tax Calculator

These calculations show the approximate capital gain taxes deferred by performing an IRC Section 1031 exchange with Asset Preservation, Inc. Please enter your figures in the fields provided (enter your numbers with no commas or dollar signs, for example: 300000) and click on the “Calculate” button in each area to perform the calculations.

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