As Hawaii’s only specialized multifamily apartment building broker, we guide our clients to making the best investment decisions to create and preserve wealth.

Our Industry Advantage:

Unmatched Expertise
Proven Results from Time-Tested Strategies
Laser Focus on Multifamily Apartment Sector

Your Fiduciary Advisor

Hiring Christina Dwight means you get the highest level advisory services, period.

Constant Communication

We won’t disappear once the listing agreement has been signed, like other agents. You will know what’s happening with weekly updates and Christina will always

Replacement Properties for 1031 exchanges:

70% of Sellers we work with are looking to exchange, and we make that process seamless and as stress-free as possible.

Optimal Outcomes, Peace of Mind

CIS means the highest levels of service allowing you to rest assured you’re getting the best price for your asset.

Investing in You

Finding the most qualified buyer who will close on your property and setting expectations that result in seamless transactions is a skill only seasoned agents like Christina can offer.

Get a Valuation

1031 exchange:

Understand the basics of an exchange and calculate your net proceeds

Build and Strengthen Your Portfolio:

Want key insights for your future? Gain Insight

Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies:

Commercial Investment Strategies means proven, results-driven marketing to today’s existing pool of investors.

Your best Interest:

Since 2000, Christina Dwight has been providing bankable results for her clients and ensuring that investment goals are expeditiously met.

Our focus is always on:
-Negotiating the best deal for you while addressing the other side’s concerns.
-Proactively identifying and efficiently problem-solving.
-Expert advisor so you understand the potential impacts of your decisions.
-Clear communication and timely action to benefit your bottom line.