“I appreciate your congratulations on this day of “recording” that seemed to elude us despite heroic efforts by many, including yourself. It was a year-long journey with many ups and downs and some moments of despair.

I thought we worked well together despite some rocky moments. My family and I appreciated your tenacity and your ability to get things done when needed. I want you to know that our entire family really like the property. It meets our current and future needs.

My husband joins me in sending our thanks to you.”
1031 exchange customer, represented as the seller for the relinquished property and as the buyer for the replacement property

“It has been a pleasure having you represent me as my agent, Christina. Your professionalism, experience, and attention to detail helped to create considerable interest in my property.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive multiple offers from qualified buyers — some over our asking price. Your persistence in finding a suitable replacement property allowed me to successfully complete a 1031 Exchange. Thank you for keeping me on course with reminders of important timelines which were crucial to the exchange.

I look forward to having you assist me with all future transactions.


Gordon Tsumoto, represented as seller for relinquished property and as buyer for replacement property

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