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Born and raised in Hawaii, Christina has innate market knowledge of its people, and and feels a kuleana to improve housing across the State. She has traveled the world many times over but has chosen to stay home in Hawaii over everywhere else. She knows reputation and results matter more than anything else, which is why she endeavors to foster life-long relationships, not just close deals. 

She works with Sellers and differentiates herself from other agents who dabble in apartment sales by studying multifamily assets and providing expert guidance to her clients. 

Most agents will give you a Comparative Market Analysis, using the past 6-12 months to predict a price, but what is your property actually worth? 

Hiring Christina means you’ll know what’s happening in the market right now, understanding the current impacts of interest rates and lender practices, and seeing the way actual and market income and expenses lead an investor to arrive at value. 

Christina's core competency is providing the underwriting buyers rely on to see value at the price you designate.

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Christina’s mission is to provide exemplary, personalized service for multifamily investors. She is laser-focused on providing the best marketing and exposure, identifying capable buyers, and proactively addressing their concerns so that the process is as stress-fee as possible. Commercial Investment Strategies is the only firm in Hawaii exclusively engaged in apartment building buying and selling.

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