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Don’t leave money on the table. Make sure you’re getting the best pricing for your multifamily apartment property so you get the most for your asset. CIS is THE expert in multifamily investments throughout Hawaii. Put our expansive market knowledge to work for you and your family. Lots of brokers do Everything--residential sales, warehouse, office, and industrial sales, leasing, and any deal that walks in the door. At CIS, we specialize in multifamily. Unlike our competitors, who dabble in multiple sectors, we do not pretend to know everything to land every deal. We can say with certainty that we know everything about Multifamily Apartment Building sales and will help you get the best deal, sell your property quickly, and make sure the sale doesn't follow you after closing. The data is not a fancy sales pitch. Considering hiring a broker to sell your property? Repetition matters if you want your transaction to close seamlessly, and repetition means results. Here are Christina Dwight's stats:


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How does your expertise translate to my benefit?

How Will You Find the Buyer for My Property?

How Will You Find the Buyer for My Property?

With 24 years as a Realtor, Christina Dwight has procured an extensive network of buyers, and her advertising budget far exceeds the industry standard. Hiring her means she will invest in you using her proprietary database, network of contacts, and unmatched targeted marketing to achieve the absolute maximum exposure for your property.

With 35% of the market share of all apartment buildings in the State, she brings unmatched expertise to your side of the table.


What Other Apartment Buildings Have You Sold?

Christina Dwight only sells apartment buildings. No one has sold more Hawaii apartment buildings than her—no one.

She is the leading market expert and the most qualified agent to sell your apartment asset in the islands, no matter the neighborhood.

Sold Listings

Do You Have to Put a Sign on My Property?

Selling an apartment building requires sensitivity to tenants and their assumptions about what will happen when the building is for sale. Because of Christina's extensive experience in this sector, she is aware of what can happen in these situations and will give you all the pros and cons, discussing your unique position to make the best decision for your income and your tenants.

Are You a Member of The Board of REALTORS®?

Your agent should adhere to the highest level of ethics and represent only your interests in the marketplace. Christina Dwight will never be a dual agent and will do things the right way. She is a sitting board member on the Honolulu Board of Realtors Professional Standards Committee since 2019, and you can rest assure that her advice will protect you even after the transaction closes.

Work With Christina

Christina’s mission is to provide exemplary, personalized service for multifamily investors. She is laser-focused on providing the best marketing and exposure, identifying capable buyers, and proactively addressing their concerns so that the process is as stress-fee as possible. Commercial Investment Strategies is the only firm in Hawaii exclusively engaged in apartment building buying and selling.

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