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1. How will you find the buyer for my property?

Most agents spent the least amount of money on advertising and get very lackluster results, throwing the property on the MLS without spending a dime over their MLS dues.

Christina Dwight has an extensive network of buyers and her advertising budget is over $100,000 per year. She commits to ensuring that your property stands out from the crowd with cutting-edge, comprehensive marketing and the best exposure possible for your property.


There is no
to the reach of
our marketing,
casting your
investment in
the very
best light.


so the process
is seamless,
stress-free, and
benefits your
bottom line.


for value:

Tailored to
perfectly position
your investment in
today's market
and target
ideal buyers.

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2. How does your expertise translate to my benefit?


94-322 Pupuole St

729 Ekela Ave

509 Lauiki Street

448 Kaiolu Street

2118 Citron Street

176 Wilikina Drive

1313 Ahiahi Street

1218 N King Street

3. What other apartment buildings have you sold?

Christina Dwight only sells apartment buildings, despite a successful career in retail, industrial, and residential sales. Since 2000, she has sold over $257,000,000, or 954 units in 104 apartment buildings. No one has sold more Hawaii apartment buildings than her, period. She is the leading market expert and the most qualified agent to sell your apartment asset in the islands, no matter the neighborhood.


5. Do you have to put a sign on my property?

Selling an apartment building requires sensitivity to tenants and their assumptions about what will happen when the building is for sale.

Christina Dwight will discuss your unique situation with you so you can make sure your concerns are addressed and you are making the best decision for your income and your tenants.

6. Are you a member of the Board of Realtors?

Your agent should adhere to the highest level of ethics and represent only your interests in the marketplace. Christina Dwight will never be a dual agent and will do things the right way. She holds a seat as a board member of the Professional Standards Committee since 2019, and you can rest assure that her advice will protect you even after the transaction closed.


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