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2023 Tax Advice from a Hawaii-based Financial Planner

Unless your net worth is over $5,490,000 you should not have to worry about Hawaii Estate Tax and unless your net worth is over $12,920,000 you should not have to worry about Federal Estate Tax. Multiple that by 2 if you are married. Yes, you will get the step up in basis at death but…
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Best Winning Streaks for Rates

It was a critical week for financial markets and especially for rates as investors digested the latest inflation data and the Fed’s smaller rate hike.  In fact, the latest inflation data could be thought of as the most important and most persistent focus for rates all year long. Read More in Mortgage News Daily:

Inflation Begins to Ease

From chicken wings to used cars, inflation begins to ease its gripAfter more than a year of prices racing higher, consumers are finally starting to catch a break, but inflation could still feel painful for years to come. Read More

How Gen Z Renters Might Reshape Multifamily

Generation Z will quickly supplant millennials as the largest renter cohort. Read More

Rents are on the rise in Hawaii, report finds

The median rent price in urban Honolulu increased 11.1%, rising from $2,429 in 2019 to $2,699, a $270 change. Read More

Slowing inflation: multifamily rents are a hedge on economy

Multifamily housing does have an ability to mark rents to market, increasing them both on an annual basis at renewal time and when there is turnover in units. According to Yardi Matrix, multifamily asking rents hit an all-time high in April of $1,659, with rents up 8.8% in all but one of the top 30…
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Rents Are Rising 4 Times Faster Than They Did in 2020

Imagine paying $1500/month for rent in 2021 and getting a renewal letter for $2079. That’s the reality for those living in the metropolitan area where rental prices are accelerating the fastest according to the Single-Family Rent Index (SFRI) released today month by CoreLogic. Read More

571 Hawaii Units To Be Converted to Apartment

More than 20,000 apartment-conversion units are slated to deliver this year. A growing number are in old office buildings. Read More

Supreme Court Ends CDCs Eviction Moratorium

NEWS UPDATE: Supreme Court issues a ruling to end CDC eviction moratorium that was in place through October 3, 2021. Read More

Federal eviction moratorium extended to October, 2021 due to Delta

NEWS ALERT! Latest Info on Federal Eviction Moratorium Read More

VIDEO: Eviction moratorium in Hawaii to end in August, Ige says

Latest Update: Eviction moratorium in Hawaii to end in August Watch the video here:

Governor signs bill requiring mediation prior to landlord evictions

Mediation is a win-win solution for both landlords and their tenants. Read More

Eviction Moratorium Extended (for the last time?) To August 6, 2021

A very important update for landlords and apartment management! Read More

Honolulu mayor signs bill creating incentives for affordable rental developers

A timely opportunity for the apartment building investors! Read More

City of Honolulu to develop a community relief program worth $114 Million

City and Council of Honolulu is giving rental and utility relief to renters who are unemployed for up to 90 days before application and for those whose income is below 50% of area median. Renters and landlords on behalf of tenants can apply.

Bill 7 News: New amendments to Bill 7 will allow developers more flexibility

Mayor Kirk Caldwell signed off this year on Bill 60, an amendment to the original legislation that relaxes those requirements to require units remain affordable for 15 years, and that at least 80% of the units are rented to tenants making 100% or below AMI. Read More

To Evict or Not To Evict: That is the question.

Hawaii renters and landlords alike are frustrated by the governor’s confusing rule. Read More

State Makes Rental Assistance Available For Hard Hit Residents

A state rent relief program is finally getting started with help from Aloha United Way and Catholic Charities of Hawaii. Under the program, funds for rental relief can go up to $2,000 per month for households on Oahu and $1,500 a month for households on the neighbor islands. Read More


Do you know that 100% AMI per Bill 7 allows for: $2,260 for a studio. $2,411 for a 1BR. $2,848 for a 2BR. $3,243 for a 3BR. $3,646 for a 4BR. Rents do not include utilities. (* Per Bill 7 authors, Mel Kaneshige and Marshall Hung’s, informational presentation about Bill 7) #LinkedIN View A…
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Impacts of Covid19 on the Hawaii Real Estate Market

Did you miss the live streaming of Economist Paul Brewbaker on May 5, 2020 regarding Impacts of Covid19 in the Hawaii Real Estate industry? If so, here are some of his salient points: 1: Adapting to the new normal of Hawaii’s housing market will involve a lot of hard work. Switching to using digital tools has made working from home a somewhat manageable ordeal. The…
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Stock Market vs. CRE

Market Update: Coronavirus Impact on Real Estate Stock market correction spurs portfolio re-calibration. As the new coronavirus (COVID-19) broke free from China, the prospects of increased economic risks drove Wall Street into a flight to safety. Over the course of the following three weeks, the S&P 500 index fell 30 percent and pushed the 10-year…
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